Thinking BIG: The Collegium Way

Collegium’s mission is to be a trusted source for problem-solving whose work results in a meaningful impact on society.

Collegium partners are grounded in the belief that our communities, colleagues, and client partners want a world where our children have a better future than ours. We are equally passionate and ambitious about addressing this vision through our collective expertise in philanthropy, brand reputation, communication arts, and business management.

Collegium isn’t organized for shareholders nor for Wall Street. As a sophisticated system of independent firms, it is organized for providing critical solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs. The University whose planned enrollment suddenly plummeted by 73% due to the pandemic. The grassroots racial justice nonprofit unexpectedly receiving an influx of donations that it is unprepared to process. The health system trying to balance patient safety and satisfaction with increased productivity – alongside severe budget cuts. The city, broken by a cycle of poverty, lifted by the combined efforts of its two professional sports teams to provide academic resources for at-risk youth.  

Collegium’s work is enabled by a dedication to what we call BIG thinking – that is, solutions that are Bold, Interdependent, and Generative. Our aim is something bigger, more transformative, more impactful than what can be achieved by a single entity. We align our people and systems in a mutually supportive way that brings results and clear value not just to our clients, but to the world around us. And yes, even ourselves.

Simply put, it’s The Collegium Way. And it’s big.


Pushing beyond the status quo.

Go big or go home.  As you learned in the school of hard knocks, “good enough” is not good enough. If you stand for everything, you stand for nothing, right? Bold requires a leap of faith. Conviction. Tenacity. Perseverance. Bold thinking, bold solutions, and all-in commitment are how big ideas are realized.


Sharing and optimizing what we have.

We celebrate our independence every day, but we take greater pride in our interdependence. The dependent rely upon others. The independent can go it alone. But the interdependent create synergy. This propels the interrelated and combined efforts of multiple partners to achieve big results – exponentially larger than the sum of what’s possible going solo.


Creating new ideas and opportunities for others while creating value for ourselves.

We know we don’t have all the answers. Nor have we cornered the market on wisdom. Corporations and nonprofits alike understand they can’t do it all. The challenges and the needs are just too great. People, opinions, and ideas are diverse and – when channeled purposefully – are powerful. The numerical representation of generative?  1+1=3.

That’s big.