Sustained, Organic Revenue Growth

Strategic and Deliberate Selection

We look for established brands, partnering with best-in-class nonprofit service providers around the world. We have clear business standards and selection criteria and evaluate all potential acquisitions against a set of alignment indicators to determine if there is a potential fit with Collegium.

Sustained, Organic Revenue Growth

Collegium is a self-contained ecosystem of diverse companies that leverages technology to give a clear view and open access to the full suite of Collegium-wide capabilities. These include the various services and available experts offered by each firm as well as Collegium’s centralized back-office administrative capabilities. This allows partner firms to cultivate intercompany relationships to leverage cross-referrals, identify joint venture opportunities, and incubate new products and services.

Proven Systems and Leadership

We have developed indispensable business practices, tools, and systems designed to help a business run more efficiently while delivering exceptional service to its nonprofit clients. As a Collegium Company, you will have access not only to these tools, but to the brain trust of Collegium’s seasoned leadership and their collective experience in running successful and profitable professional services firms.


A Choice Available to Best-In-Class Firms

We acquire reputable professional services firms who share our commitment to serving the nonprofit space through bold, interdependent, and generative partnership.


Strategic Fit with Our Mission

Dedicated Service to Nonprofits

Consistent, Predictable Results

Sustainable Revenue Growth

Prospective Partner Firms

Collegium partners come together seamlessly to offer unparalleled consulting services to nonprofits around the globe. If you are interested in becoming a Collegium Company, please get in touch.

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